Investing in your values

Did you know that 7 out of 10 of the largest Mutual Funds have cigarette companies in their top 25 holdings? (Source: Morningstar) While not every investor finds that statistic problematic, a growing population does.


In fact, if  you have strongly held beliefs that you would like to see reflected in your Financial Life Plan and investment portfolio, you are not alone.  Forbes recently published a study that demonstrated a 1600% growth in socially responsible investments since 1995, with total assets invested up 36,000%.


Additionally, a MarketWatch piece, “‘Socially responsible’ investing has beaten the S&P 500 for decades,” makes the point that you do not need to give up performance to develop a portfolio that aligns with your values.


So, if values-based investing is important to you, then San Diego Wealth Management can go past “negative screening.” We can include investments that advocate your positive values, or perpetuate progress in your culture, faith, or values.


Examples of Positive Engagement may include:

Animal Welfare, Emerging Technologies, Philanthropic Activities, Companies that promote diversity

Examples of Negative Screening may include:

Tobacco, Weapons, Adult Entertainment, Countries with Human Rights Issues









At San Diego Wealth Management, honoring our clients’ life choices is one major differentiator for our practice.  We dig deep, to understand not only your goals and aspirations and your personal comfort level with risk, but your personal ethos in order to determine the best portfolio for you.   Call us today for a free Social Responsibility evaluation of your portfolio.