We are here to make a difference for people. To be advisors, counselors, coaches and advocates in support of everything you desire to be, do and have at your heart's core.

We are here to help you:

  • Connect to a life of significance and meaning

  • Engage to live life completely

  • Feel and live life without fear

  • Excel at dreaming and achieving


SDWM believes that wealth means more than just accumulated financial resources. We believe that a person's life should be measured by more than money. For example, the depth of their relationships with family and friends, their past experiences, life journeys, passions, purpose and their desire to achieve the most out of life.

SDWM believes that people can create wealth through investing their resources from all areas of their lives. The recognition of alternative sources of wealth in a client's life creates an accompanying objective to generate the optimal success, satisfaction, and joy from these resources. We understand that financial assets are a tool to achieve the most “wealth' possible in their clients' lives ....through time and freedom.


SDWM believes that the meaning of life involves the pursuit of happiness.  Everyone seeks to answer life's key questions in their own meaningful way. We may not “give” clients the meaning of life, but can help them focus and use their resources to give more meaning “to” their lives. Our Lifestyle Design Planning will build a blueprint for people to help them achieve happiness now and into the future.