Relationship Builders. You seek active partners throughout their life's journey and want to collaborate deeply with their financial advisor.


Intentional and Deliberate. You are open to and value expertise and advice to support you on certain big financial and/or life decisions.


Thoughtful and Frugal. You are hard working, not materialistic. Money is a tool for achieving a fulfilled life, not for emphasizing status. Hobbies may include outdoor recreation and personal enhancement through education/learning.  

Open and Holistically Minded.  You are not seeking simple financial advice, but a comprehensive understanding of your current situation and the big picture of what you and your life is all about.


Purpose Driven. You live life intentionally. Your financial wealth is only one part of your overall wealth. You live your life to the fullest and are


Motivated to Achieve Excellence. You are focused on achieving your life goals, and will leverage your resources to help you and your family reach those goals.