SDWM takes an innovative, lifestyle design, creative approach to traditional financial planning and money management.

  • We help you identify a better way to live a more inspired life using all your resources.
  • We help you envision unexplored territory to bring you more freedom and happiness.
  • We provide planning that will empower you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Your plan is made of the following components: (live links or mouse-over to further detail below)

  • Life Plan

  • Financial Plan

  • Investment Plan

  • Advanced Plan



So picture a book about you and where you want to go in life. A look into your future with a view of the journey you are on. Rich with goals, aspirations, inspirations, pictures, calendars, timelines, people, community, destinations, fun stuff you love and more! Put it all together and flowing as a plan for your life. That's your Life Plan: A living document that changes when you change. That reflects everything you have and imagined you would have. Something that is always available to dream with, to reflect on and share with your loved ones. Keep it on the coffee table, the kitchen counter or your nightstand in the bedroom. Always there. Always a gentle, yet powerful reminder for what's possible for you.



With your Life Plan in place, the financial support for it all is embodied in your Financial Plan. Your Plan shows how your money will flow in and out of your life. How it can be used and apportioned. How you should budget and spend. How much you will have at any point in time with assumed levels of potential gain and loss in your portfolio. We prepare you for anything. We support you and guide you through all of life's twists and turns.



At SDWM our recommendations for growing your financial resources are guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs, and the body of industry experience that along with academic research, inform these beliefs.


We offer a full suite of global equity, fixed income and alternative strategies to build a comprehensive investment solution that is in lock step with your goals and risk preference. We also provide education, analytical tools and other resources that will enhance your investment experience with us.



After we've completed your Life, Financial and Investment Plan we take a deeper, more comprehensive look at how we can best help you grow, protect, transfer and use your wealth for its highest purpose.


Growth: Beyond positioning your investable assets in the appropriate portfolio, we seek to minimize the tax impact on your investment returns while ensuring the cash flow you need along with other strategies for helping you enhance the level of your wealth.

Protection: We take a proactive approach to addressing your concerns about protecting your wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, children's spouses and potential ex-spouses, and identity thieves.

Transfer:  A major area of financial concern beyond investments is wealth transfer—taking care of your heirs. Specifically, it's about finding and facilitating a smart and tax-efficient way to pass assets to a spouse and succeeding generations in ways that meet your wishes.

Special interests: Our team and our strategic partners will help you reap the rewards of deep, lasting client relationships. We provide guidance, counsel, and resources to assist you with charitable giving.  It encompasses all issues related to fulfilling your charitable goals in the most impactful way possible and can often support efforts in other areas of concern.