Our Process

What if we all lived our most inspired lives? Our most meaningful lives? What if, every day, we challenged ourselves to live our dreams and bring into being the life of greatest meaning to ourselves and those around us?

We want to empower you to do just that. To live a life abundantly and with purpose. Through our five-step, collaborative Life Design Planning process, we strive to help you see greater possibilities for a personally crafted future.

We use EVOKE* as the acronym for this process that helps lead to lives of greatest meaning:

E for Exploration
The getting-to-know-yourself phase, with open-ended questions and wide-open exploration.

V for Vision
The inspirational phase where your goals are clarified, your “torch” is lit, and you find yourself on fire to accomplish your life’s purposes.

O for Obstacles
The phase where you take on the challenges and obstacles to your dreams and resolve them methodically but with energy and vitality, one by one.

K for Knowledge
The organization phase where you define the resources you will invest to lay the foundation of your plan that, step by step, will accomplish your dreams.

E for Execution
The phase where you take action on each of the steps in your plan until they are accomplished and you are living your plan.

*EVOKE ® Life Planning Process—The Kinder Institute of Life Planning.