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Living an Inspired Life

November 01, 2019

The Art of Planning: Living an Inspired Life

Living an inspired life is a choice.

I shall say it again: Living an inspired life is a choice.

It’s not luck and it’s not happenstance. It comes from knowing who you really are and why you are here. How do you know the answer to these two questions? Can you recall a feeling of inspiration that occurred with an experience, an idea or a vision? This is the beginning of your knowing.

When you first feel it, you should capture it as best as you can. It’s your first hint at what inspires you, and when you have that feeling - follow it. You keep practicing that muscle of knowing what inspires you and that that muscle of following it. Catch the scent and continue to follow it. Like a hound dog in the hunt. You hunt it down until you have it!

When you have it in your grasp, you have not arrived. You are simply beginning. It’s a beginning with what’s called the “beginner’s mind.” Open. Not knowing anything, yet open to everything. Now you start to take action. Action and movement with a purpose is the first real step towards a truly inspirational life. You are in pursuit. You must have it at all costs.

If you know what an inspired life is for you, then great! Continue on and act! One act after another until your story really starts to unfold. Like a play.

If not, start here: With a simple practice of meditation. Quieting your mind in order to hear your inner voice. That voice is always there speaking to you but we are far too busy listening to our mind. Our mind goes on and on. Ruminating about the past or choreographing the future. But that’s not where you want to be. You are here. Here now. In this moment, which is all you have. Just this moment. Then the next, when it arrives.

With the moment you are in, you have but one thing to turn your attention to: Your breath. Breathing in. Breathing out. Breathing in. Breathing out. When you have your attention on this, your inner being, always ready to share… can be heard.

Now you must listen. You must be curious and wanting to learn more about what you are hearing. Not hearing with your ears or your mind, but your heart and your spirit. It starts with what you feel. Then moves to thought. Now the thought, the idea, is led by soul and spirit, not your brain. Continue to practice this each day for at least 20 minutes and let it develop naturally. Your spirit knows exactly what to do and how to operate. And if you are not connecting all the dots yet, consider this: You are a spiritual being in a human body. Not a human being with a spirit. Your Spirit knows the way for you.

Continue on your journey taking each step with purpose. Take action that is from your heart. Practice this way of being day in and day out. Your inspiration will continue to grow and blossom like the most beautiful of roses in your garden of life.

You are here. Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen and heed the call. Act with courage and resolve.