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<strong>Investing in Your Quality of Life</strong>

Investing in Your Quality of Life

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The first step to investing in your quality of life is to think about and clarify what is truly most important to you. This is a time to listen to your own heart and to focus on what you value the very most in life. Whatever you identify will become the foundation for establishing meaningful life and financial goals.

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<b>Change vs Transition</b>

Change vs Transition

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Life is a continuum—an accumulation of experiences that makes us who we are and influences how we view ourselves and the world around us. As we review these experiences, we realize that our lives have been permeated with change. As ironic as it may seem, change is the only constant in our lives.

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<b>Martin Luther King, Jr. Day</b>

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, January 18, 2021

This month we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the anniversary of the great Civil Rights leader’s birth. It is a chance to commemorate the life and work of one of the most influential, eloquent, and courageous leaders of all time. King understood that things like freedom, liberty, and equality don’t come from passively waiting. They must be actively worked for. This month, we have an opportunity to remember, to recognize, to honor Dr. King. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday.

SDW Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday Schedule

Monday, January 18, 2021– Closed all day

We will return to normal business hours on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. The US stock markets will also be closed on Monday, January 18, 2021.

<b>The Holiday Spirit- Charitable Giving</b>

The Holiday Spirit- Charitable Giving

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

With the holiday season upon us and the end of the year approaching, we pause to give thanks for our blessings and the people in our lives, including you. It is also a time when the desire to help others less fortunate is strong. This year, perhaps more than any in recent memory, finds many non-profit organizations experiencing critical shortages as needs reach all-time highs. The tax benefits associated with charitable giving could potentially enhance your ability to give and should be considered as part of your year-end tax planning. 

We wish you and yours a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! We’ve enjoyed so much working with you this past year and look forward to many years to come.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period is the time during which Medicare beneficiaries can make new choices and pick plans that work best for them. Each year, Medicare plan costs and coverage typically change. In addition, your health-care needs may have changed over the past year. The Open Enrollment Period — which begins on October 15 and runs through December 7 — is your opportunity to switch Medicare health and perscription drug plans to better suit your needs.

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“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

It got lost in the shuffle of current events, but this past April marked the 50th anniversary of one of the most compelling dramas in recent history: the events of Apollo 13.

It was April 14, 1970. What would have been the third mission to land on the moon was going swimmingly. The astronauts – Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert – had just filmed a televised tour of their spacecraft. Music played, jokes were swapped, and Haise even played a prank on Lovell by hitting a button that caused a startlingly loud bang.

Two minutes later, another bang resounded throughout the spacecraft. But this one was no joke. It was an explosion. Here's a transcript of what happened next.1

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Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fraudsters and scam artists are always looking for new ways to prey on consumers. Now they are using the same tactics to take advantage of consumers' heightened financial and health concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Federal, state, and local law enforcement have begun issuing warnings on the surge of coronavirus scams and how consumers can protect themselves. Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams are some of the more prevalent coronavirus scams that consumers need to watch out for.

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<b>Hello from San Diego Wealth!</b>

Hello from San Diego Wealth!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

While we may not be in the office, we’re still working on your behalf every day from our “shelters in place.”

Please call or email anytime with any questions, concerns, or for just a listening ear. We’re here for you!

In the meantime, here’s some interesting content starting with a great listen, for life as we now know it. Be well. Stay safe. Remain strong and diligently hopeful. Enjoy!

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