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The Art of Planning

October 01, 2019

Wealth of Life

Financial Planning done right is Life Planning.

Life Planning done right is an art.

The Art of Planning is far more than just your money. It is a mosaic of the most important parts of one’s life. A tapestry of the essence of who you are: Woven together with loved ones, deep relationships, daily pleasures of the five senses, your most meaningful experiences and all the rest that makes for your richest, most inspired life.

Who wouldn’t want that?

The best laid plans have three key elements at the epicenter: 1) Knowledge 2) Vision 3) Intent.

  1. Knowledge: This where it starts. Not an acquired book or head knowledge. The result of a lifetime of self-discovery, awareness and growth. A connection to your spirit. An ascension of consciousness. A knowing of the very essence of who you are and what you're meant to be and do in the world.

    It is purpose and values driven. Heart led. Courageous. Inspired. Engaged. Being a model to all those around you and bringing light to the world. They say knowledge is power, but this knowing is the most powerful force on earth. Foundational stone number one to your plan.
  2. Vision: Seeing what is really important in your world and giving attention to it in your plan. We call this the Wheel of Life. Combine it with numbers one and three of the key elements of great planning and you have a Wealth of Life roadmap. The whole life consists of:

    FAMILY: Your core members and those special members whom you treasure
    HEALTH: Mind, body and soul well being
    CAREER: Where you spend the majority of your waking hours and energy in an endeavor
    HOME: Where it feels like your base and a place where you are assured of love and security
    INNER GROWTH: Self-discovery and the work of change and evolution of your soul
    LEARNING: The expansion of your understanding, intellect and satisfying the curiosity of life
    FINANCES: The organization, growth and relationship with your money and overall net worth
    COMMUNITY:  Those outside your family relationships. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.
  3. Intent: When you have knowledge and vision, the way forward begins with the power of intention. Wayne Dyer, described “intention” as a “river of energy” in the universe that when tapped into through a strong emotionally and soul-led intending of something, creates the orchestration of events that conspire to make your vision a reality.

    Imagine an energy force within you that reaches out and connects with the energy force that creates galaxies. The creative energy source of the universe connects with the energy of your vision and through the Law of Attraction begins to arrange and align you with people, events and situations that support this intention.

    Knowing this should make you aware that events that occur, regardless of how they “appear,” are actually working for you. If your heart is open. If you are attuned to your inner voice. If you are connected to Spirit, the essence of who you are, you are more likely to correctly connect the dots for what’s really happening. Thus, seeing the opportunity in front of you. This is why one must be in the present moment. Being in your heart. Not being in your head.

    This, my friends, is one solid path to more freedom and happiness in your life!

    We wish for you every possibility and desire you have. We are here to support and advocate the same for your behalf.